The Concerns Of Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is an actress, comedian, writer, producer and shopper. She can translate Latin and is an avid slow jogger that covers small amounts of distance over long periods of time. This is her Tumblr & her concerns.


I’ve written before that if it were not for my multi-vitamins I would be teetering close to death. I eat abominably. Take this for example: last Monday at work, I was running a small room for a rewrite. For breakfast I chose to eat a heaping serving of spicy sweet Thai Doritos (these exist, and they’re life-changing), two apricot fruit leathers, and a glass of Diet Coke. I loved it so much I did it again Tuesday. I was going to go for a three-peat on Wednesday, but writers had eaten all the chips. I was forced to eat a small Siggis yogurt and berries, which was actually pretty good. Siggis Yogurt is something Carrie Kemper introduced me to. It’s an incredibly dense Icelandic yogurt that tastes like some kind of tangy dairy cud, but it’s actually edible and kind of delicious.

At lunch I have a ritual where, before I can eat anything actually good from catering, like Sergio’s baked potato bar or cookie pie, I need to eat a small bowl of boiled broccoli. It works in two ways: It forces me to have something healthy, and usually after I eat it, I am disgusted by how bland it was, and am completely over food.

Jen Atkin is a hair stylist who has done my hair for lots of cool events, like my book cover. She also does Sofia Vergara’s lush Colombian locks, no big deal or anything. Besides being super talented, Jen also knows every hook-up and cool underground thing going on. She knows the best place to get juices (, the sneakiest secret gyms (can’t say) and also, the dopest way to have thick, shiny hair for no cost.

Jen was over my house recently and brought me a gift (this is very Asian of her, I’m making her an honorary Asian girl). The gift was: prenatal vitamins from Trader Joes. Not only will they scare the shit out of your boyfriend if he visits your house, it will make your hair grow faster, thicker, and keep your skin glow-y and smooth. At least that’s what it’s done for me, and I’ve not even been using them that long.

Also, these vitamins don’t smile like rotting organic material, which, though I love Whole Foods vitamins, I can’t take the daily ritual of holding back barfing when I open the jar of multi-vitamins.

Good for: Any lazy girl, like me, who wants a short-cut to healthy thick hair.

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